Week 3 – Quick Start Challenge

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Week 2 –  Recap

Well, this week has certainly been the most challenging for the majority of the non-techie people, in the Quick Start Challenge. Week 2 was also challenging, technically, but I think that week 3 was tougher. The big stumbling block and challenge for week 2 was stepping in front of the camera, and revealing to the viewers, what we look like, what we sound like, and therefore exposing ourselves. There’s the feeling of vulnerability.  Also, we are our own worst critic. The technical part of week 2, was shooting the video (not too hard, using a smart-phone), uploading it to Youtube (somewhat challenging, if you’ve never done it before),  and then, once it’s uploaded, grabbing the embed code, and placing it in our blog (also somewhat challenging, if you’ve never done it before). Having said that, I did my week 2 challenge without too much troubles, as I’ve made a few vids, and made a few dozen WordPress blogs in the last few years. Onto week 3…..

Week 3 – Challenge

Task #1 – Sign up to your chosen autoresponder

Task #2 – Get something of value to give away

Task #3 – Add an optin form to your blog sidebar

My biggest hurdle was trying to find something that I felt was worthy of giving away. I have plr products spread throughout 3 computers. However this was not really that helpful for me. As I was looking through the various dozens of products, I realized that a lot of this stuff is based on the latest trend/s. So, for example, if it’s a product about SEO, that was made in 2011, then it’s redundant now. In the last 4 years, Google has done some major updates…Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird etc. etc. Not to mention, that Google does algorithm tweaks, daily. Not that the average Joe would ever notice it, but those tweaks do affect some web properties.

20 Internet Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

20 Marketing Mistakes - Tony Brayley MarketingSo, after much hunting around, I purchased a MRR (Master Resell Rights) package from another marketer. I received dozens of products, out of which I chose this ebook. I read it and quite like the info inside the book. There’s some very good lessons and advice to follow (which I am implementing, as we speak). To get your free copy, just enter your name and email, into the optin form on the sidebar. It’s definitely a good freebie for anyone! Okay, I’ve chosen my freebie giveaway, to start building my list.

Hosting for the E-book

So, next step…where to host the ebook, for download. I decided to use Dropbox. You can upload to Dropbox, create a “share” link, and then use that for your downloads. I actually do have an Amazon S3 account, but for now, this seems simpler. Because I don’t use the Amazon S3 account very often, I have to re-train myself each time I go to use it.  Maybe being a year away from turning 50 years old has something to do with it! Lol 🙂

Sidenote: I could’ve hosted it inside the webhosting account for this website, but if it gets a lot of downloads, I could exceed my bandwidth. For ebooks this is not probable, but if you’re giving away a video course, then it’s very probable. 

Autoresponder Service

So, I’ve had a few autoresponder services throughout the years. They are Aweber, Rapid Response Bot, and now Getresponse. I used Aweber a few years ago, and found it similar to Getresponse, but chose to try out Getresponse this time around. I’m fairly certain that I will stick with them. Once the list is growing, I don’t think I will want to mess with it, by transferring the names etc. The user interface in Getresponse is excellent, and quite intuitive. Also, there’s excellent training for the service, and they have training to teach you how to build your list. The Rapid Response Bot, is actually a decent service. It’s ran by a guy (Phil Eugene) who frequents the Warrior Forum. I paid a lifetime amount of less than $100. So, I still have the service, but I like the bells and whistles of the big boys, plus, I think the deliverability rate is higher with the big guys.

So, I’ve chosen my freebie, my freebie-hosting, and now my chosen Autoresponder. The next step is how to deliver the ebook to the new subscriber…

Download Page

profit builderOkay, so I’ve decided to make a specific download page for this free report. However, I have added a very special offer to the page. Basically, since the subscriber does want the report, pertaining to internet marketing, then why not offer them a very special OTO (one time offer)…..and boy oh boy, is it ever a ridiculous deal! I assembled a package of 40 products with MRR (Master Resell Rights), and most have web pages, graphics, and other marketing goodies.

Guess how much!!!    $9.00   That’s 22.5 cents per e-product

By offering this crazy deal, my subscribers will realize that I’m generous and willing to share my resources, and that I really want success for all! Going into the future, the subscribers that are on the list, will receive more incredibly valuable content from me, and occasionally a suggestion for a product, that I know will benefit them.

Okay, back to the mechanics of the download page. I used Sean Donahoe’s “Profit Builder” Software. Now this software does have a wee bit of a learning curve, but I think it’s well worth it. Especially considering the price. It does a lot, and really looks slick! If you follow the tutorials that Sean has created, then you should have no problems.

I would sign up, just to see the special Download page I created, using this software. Now this is not why I made this post, but if you want another example of what I’ve built with Profit Builder, then have a look at this Tee Spring product I have for sale. You can see it here

Go over to the sidebar, and sign up to receive the 20 Mistakes Report, and have a look at the download page. This is what you would call a small sales funnel. All I would need are upsells, and possibly downsells, then it would be a full-fledged sales funnel. I quite like the way it turned out, using Profit Builder. Going forward, I will be using it way more!

Affiliate Commissions

When I started out to make this blog post, I didn’t realize how many products I was actually using, and that I already had a couple of products online that can earn me money. It’s not that I didn’t realize it, it’s that I wasn’t thinking about it….until I started typing. So, in the interests of being transparent, you know that if you buy something through my affiliate link, I will get some sort of a referral fee. I don’t think that should really bother anyone, because that’s what we do, as marketers. After all, I may buy something through your affiliate link one day!

Do me a favour, and leave a comment…please! I sure would like to know your thoughts…and that way you will have a bright, shiny, new backlink to your website (good for SEO), and I can leave you a comment (thus adding more free content to your website).







Tony Brayley & The Quick Start Challenge

Welcome to my involvement with the Quick Start Challenge, created by Dean Holland, Craig Crawford, Robert Phillips. Each week we’re given a task/challenge to complete. In order to succeed, one must follow through, by taking action and help others. I believe Zig Ziglar said, “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want”! This is the basic premise for success. Do things from the heart, and not just for money. Granted, we all need to eat, but if you help people, for the right reasons, the money will follow! On that note, the group of people who have enrolled in the course, alongside myself, are truly giving and caring people. I’ve been inspired and touched by some of the generosity I’ve witnessed! I wouldn’t want to be with a different group of fellow students!

Having said all that, I had to shoot the video on my way to meeting some clients. The challenge is due tomorrow, so I figured I better squeeze it in my day, somehow. So, driving and filming made sense! I hope you enjoy my thoughts. Make sure and come back, as I will be chronicling the progress of my journey. Cheers!



Why Have I Created This Blog…..

It’s actually taken me a few days to come up with the right ideas for this first blog post. I believe subsequent posts will come more naturally, and easier. I wanted to get this one just right!

I’ve embarked on a new chapter in my life. Our 3 children have moved on with their lives. Our 2 boys, both have families (one is married, and the other is not) and have their own homes. Our daughter is in her final year of university and lives close to her campus. So, it’s just me and the Missus now! 🙂 If you read my About Me page, you can learn a bit of what we’ve been through. Fortunately, Jacquie and myself are stronger and closer for it. I’ve seen many other relationships collapse after going through similar circumstances (or as a colleague used to say….”going through similar circumcises”…it sure felt like that, lol). We are truly blessed! I am definitely a bit more cautious, a bit wiser, and I cross my t’s and dot my i’s more carefully.

Quick Start Challenge

So, it’s been a wild ride, and a huuuge learning experience! I’ve made other blogs in the last couple years, but I haven’t continued them. For one reason or another, I lost my interest…. This time, however, feels different. It could be, and probably is, because of a very successful marketer I’ve come to know about. His name is Dquick start challenge 3.0 revolutionean Holland. I had actually heard of Dean a couple years back. At that time, I came across Dean’s name in conjunction with Alex Jeffreys. Alex mentored Dean, and Dean is a huge success! Needless to say, when I learned of a product Dean and his partners, Craig Crawford & Robert Phillips created, called the “Quick Start Challenge”, I was very intrigued. Also, the successful trio made the barrier of entry extremely low, so that folks who are having a hard time, could still afford it. Brilliant, really! It’s been over a week since getting involved with the group, including the Closed Facebook Group. I’ve really enjoyed chatting, commenting and throwing in my 2 cents worth of input in the group. There’s really a spirit of “Let’s help each other, and really make a GO of this” inside this group of folks. Also, there’s quite a bit of experience inside the group too. I’ve already learned a few things.

Sidenote: The Facebook Group helped me name the blog! Thanks Guys! 🙂 Is Born

So, in order to be a part of the Quick Start Challenge, you must have a blog. Hence, However, that is not the only reason I created this. I’ve been wanting to make a new blog for some time now. I needed the inspiration to do it. There’s no point in doing it, just for the sake of doing it! You’ll fail miserably. I have definitely found my inspiration. I am looking forward to completing the challenge, and seeing what results I will get out of this. The beauty of something like this, is that once you’ve gone through the program, got your results, you can just rinse and repeat, because you’ve learned skills that no one can ever take away from you. You will be given the fishing rod, not just the fish. There will be regular updates, and freebies here, so keep coming back. Watch what I do, so that you too can have the fishing rod!


I know this is assbackwards, but now I would like to welcome you to No particular reason, just the way I did it. This should become a real resource for you and possibly a bit of entertainment. I always find it entertaining to have a glimpse into the lives of others. Then when I can combine the two, being entertained while learning, then I’m bloody happy! I rarely watch tv just to kill time. For me, time is too precious, to be killing it! That’s my goal for this blog….teach and entertain!

Seriously, reach out to me through the Contact Me page, with any questions, concerns or suggestions!

Peace & Prosperity!