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Tony Brayley

Well, I suppose this is a bio of sorts. I am not going to tell you the usual stuff that you may be expecting. I think it’s more important that you know what my plans are, where I’ve been and where I am right now.

You’ve Got Mail…..

I’ve been a real estate agent for roughly 30 years. I started when I was 19. I enjoy my career, but ever since the internet was “invented”, I’ve been hooked. I got online in 1994, when AOL created that infamous line “You’ve Got Mail”…lol.¬†That was such an exciting time, I can’t put it into words. Until then we only saw, “logging in with a computer”, in movies. Now we were doing it at home! My interest with the internet only grew and grew as the years went by…

Income Diversification

I’ve always felt that having a diversified income is smart and necessary. So, over the years I had done a bit of investing, been a landlord, had a couple little side projects, and owned a bar. All the while, kept on selling real estate. The real estate biz that I’ve built has kept a roof over our (my beautiful wife and 3 grown up kids) heads , fed and gas in the tank. It also afforded me the luxury to experiment, and speculate a bit with investments.

We Owned A Barhunnys bar eatery

In the early 2000’s one of those investments was a bar. It was a good size bar, and was in a rough old hotel in our town, Brampton, Ontario. I called it an investment, but in reality it turned out to be the anti-investment. I will elaborate on the bar thing in a post, later on. Bottom line, however, is that the bar “episode” cost us way over half a million dollars. Almost wiped us out….but me and the missus are tough, and we wouldn’t go down…lol. We fought, and have recovered decently. Admittedly, I was down about the whole thing, and was emotionally and mentally paralyzed for a bit. Then one day I realized how incredibly lucky I am. I still had my health, my beautiful bride, and hung onto the home (although heavily mortgaged, but still manageable). I can rebuild…and I’m doing it, as we speak!

Making Money Online

A few years ago I learned that one could earn money online. I found this idea very intriguing. It worked very well with my ideas about income diversification. So, in my spare time, I set out to figure the whole thing out. I was going to conquer the internet. Well, it seems as though cracking this egg is no easy feat. Life, bad information, shiny object syndrome and bad time management have led me to learn a lot, but earn very little. This is not a problem, though. This is all part of the process. It’s how we progress, and evolve. I now know, what not to do. I also know how to use webhosting, WordPress, autoresponders etc. etc.


I have also found someone who I am learning from. Read my first post for the details. Mentorship is very important. I know……I have mentored a few real estate agents over the years. It was very good for them. I was mentored as a young agent, and it set up my career for success!

As far as my plans, I will be steadily working on tonybrayleymarketing.com, and chronicling the online journey as it unfolds. There will be much to read and watch, so stay tuned!

Life At Home

Now, some personal details. I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. I’m 49 years young, married to Jacquie, Have 3 children, 4 grandchildren, and am a blessed dude! There’s not much else to tell you right now. I’m sure you can tell that I’m happy in my life, and with those who surround me. I’ve created that. It was/is my choice to make, who I spend time with. Everything that has happened to me, from being in the real estate business, to the bar fiasco, and now working online, is a result of choices that I’ve made. So powerful! Alter your future by making choices! We are in the driver’s seat. I feel so fortunate! Check back here often, and see what I’m up to. I’ll be posting here a lot, and I’ll give you my best!


Tony Brayley.




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  1. Hi Tony
    Fascinating story but pleased to read that you’re on the Quick Start Challenge. Life really does has some amazing twists and turns that no one is immune from. Let’s be very positive and work towards make the QSC a big financial success as I’m sure it is going to change many of our live’s for the better.
    Kind regards
    Colin Eade recently posted…About MeMy Profile

    • Thanks for stopping by, Colin. You are so 100% correct about the twists and turns of life. I have had some real blunders, as you know, but I believe that they were lessons for me. I make myself available to all who want to learn what not to do, in those mistakes. I love to share, and perhaps that’s why those mistakes happened to me. It’s all just a big education, isn’t it? At the end of the day, I believe we can take all our experiences and make good of them. Share the experiences, build a tribe, get the tribe to subscribe and monetize. It’s a great plan! Cheers!

  2. Hi Tony,
    I feel like we are old friends after reading all about you! Thanks for sharing so much! I have truly wanted an online business for years but that shiny object syndrome got the best of me. I have a couple of other sites that I am currently working on with another project that I decided to follow also. The key is focus and taking action…found out the hard way! Wish you the best in the challenge and look forward to see what’s going on with your business!
    Barbara Dowling recently posted…Video is Done!My Profile

    • Hey Barb, Great of you to come by! I believe in transparency. Both online and offline. My real estate biz runs with no marketing…almost. All word of mouth and repeat customers. I am striving to have the same for my online biz. Btw, I checked out your website and video…love it. You’re the same as me, lol. Open and honest! Great work, Barb. Cheers!

  3. Tony, Glad to meet you. Enjoyed your post. I appreciate your openness. I too have been down a similar road. IM is definitely a tough and competitive field. We must be ready to dig in and work hard. I have been trying to get going since 1999 and I am just now starting to make a few dollars. Of course I worked long hours in a shipyard for 30 years. I could write a bestseller on my life. I now have time to devote to working online.
    Please stop by my site and give me a shout.

    • Hey Don, thanks for your post. I am definitely an open book. Hopefully others can learn from my boo boos, and triumphs. I actually have some triumphs too, lol :). I was over at your site. Fantastic look and feel. Very slick. Only comment is that none of the comments on your site, have a live link back to the poster’s website. Maybe you can re-look at that, as that is the reason we’re doing this. We need back links via the comments and the comments are also fresh content, which Google needs! Cheers, Don!

  4. Tony, I can certainly agree with you on the shiny objects. I have been trying for years to get something going online. I shudder to think of the money I have spent, and the time I have wasted. I have committed to only focusing on the Quick Start Challenge from the start to the finish. Setting up WordPress was a challenge for me, but I did it! It’s not fancy, but it is done. Now I have to learn about videos and You Tube?

    • Hey Roy, thanks for your input and for stopping in! Yes, I checked out your website. What a great start! I will definitely revisit you over there. Youtube intrigues me, and it will be a focus of mine going forward. People eat videos, like they eat popcorn at the movies. Therefore, we need to become movie-makers! Cheers, Roy!

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